Anypoint Platform Operations: CloudHub Training

Get hands-on experience of managing and monitoring Mule applications deployed to CloudHub with our Anypoint Platform Operations: CloudHub training.

Anypoint Platform Operations: CloudHub – Course Summary

If you’re a developer, architect, or someone engaged in operations and administration with Mule 3 or Mule 4, then our Anypoint Platform Operations: CloudHub training is for you.

Learn to monitor, manage, analyse, and configure Mule applications deployed to CloudHub with this practical course from our certified MuleSoft instructors.

Course Duration – Anypoint Platform Operations: CloudHub Training

Two days, in-person or online


Training Objectives

Key learning points on the Anypoint Platform Operations: CloudHub training include:

  • configure, deploy, manage, monitor, and analyse Mule applications on CloudHub
  • configure load balancing and high availability options for Mule applications on CloudHub
  • use the Anypoint Platform REST APIs to manage Mule applications on CloudHub

Course Prerequisites

  • a knowledge of system administration and server commands
  • a basic understanding of data formats such as XML, CSV, and JSON
  • a basic understanding of typical integration technologies such as HTTP, JMS, JDBC, REST, and SOAP

Setup Requirements

  • a computer with a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768
  • unrestricted internet access to port 80 (with > 5Mbps download and > 2Mbps upload)
  • the latest version of Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 or newer
  • Advanced REST Client (or some other REST client application)
  • Anypoint Platform CLI tool
  • a detailed setup document can be downloaded from here:

Anypoint Platform Operations: CloudHub Training – Course Modules


Module 1: Getting Started with Mule Runtimes

  • list Anypoint Platform features
  • identify Anypoint Platform management areas
  • list typical operations tasks related to Mule application management
  • describe Mule application deployment and management steps on CloudHub

Module 2: Managing Users and Resources

  • create and manage business groups and environments
  • administer Anypoint Platform users
  • create and manage Anypoint Platform roles

Module 3: Managing Mule Applications

  • deploy Mule deployable archives to CloudHub
  • view application properties and features
  • update Mule applications with zero downtime

Module 4: Monitoring and Analyzing Mule Applications

  • monitor Mule applications with Runtime Manager and Anypoint Monitoring
  • create operational metrics dashboards and alerts for Mule applications
  • download and manage logs for Mule applications and Mule workers
  • track Mule application key performance indicators generated by business events
  • view persistent object store data in the Runtime Manager console

Module 8: Automating Administration Tasks

  • automate admin tasks with the Anypoint CLI tool
  • automate admin tasks with Anypoint Platform REST APIs

Module 7: Managing CloudHub Infrastructure

  • configure virtual private clouds (VPCs) for CloudHub regions
  • deploy Mule applications into a VPC
  • configure firewall rules in a VPC to allow private communication between Mule applications
  • identify how dedicated load balancers are used with VPCs

Module 6: Meeting Performance and Reliability Goals

  • distinguish between Mule application performance tuning and scaling goals, options, and solution architectures
  • deploy the same Mule application to multiple CloudHub workers
  • test load balancing and failover behaviour of a Mule application deployed to multiple CloudHub workers

Module 5: Configuring Mule Applications

  • promote Mule applications between environments
  • use an environment variable to switch between Mule application configurations
  • configure Mule applications with hidden properties

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