Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave (Mule 3) Training

Take your DataWeave skills to the next level with Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave (Mule 3) training from our certified MuleSoft instructors.

Anypoint Platform Development: Dataweave – Course Summary

If you’re a MuleSoft developer and want to advance your DataWeave skills, then our Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave (Mule 3) training is for you.

This course is the next step beyond the Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals course or the self-study MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals course.

Course Duration – Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave (Mule 3) Training

One day, in-person or online


Training Objectives

Key learning points on the Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave (Mule 3) training include:

  • writing generalised and reusable transformations using functions, variables, and operators
  • building complex transformations from smaller testable steps
  • transforming, combining, and reducing complex data structures which include nested arrays, objects, and arrays of objects
  • recursively applying formatting rules to every element of a nested schema

Course Prerequisites

  • prospective students must have completed the instructor-led Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals course or the self-study MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals course, or have six months or more of Mule development experience and certificates from the MCD – Integration and API Associate exam; if you do not have these qualifications, you will be contacted to confirm your experience

Setup Requirements

  • a computer with at least 4GB available RAM, 2GHz CPU, and 10GB available hard drive space
  • unrestricted internet access to port 80 (with > 5Mbps download and > 2Mbps upload)
  • JDK 1.8
  • Anypoint Studio 6.4 or later with embedded Mule 3.9 runtime or later
  • Postman REST client application (or some other REST client application)
  • a detailed setup document can be downloaded from here:

Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave (Mule 3) Training – Course Modules


Module 1: Organizing and Formatting DataWeave Code

  • review DataWeave fundamentals
  • match DataWeave types and conditions
  • organise and reuse DataWeave code with variables and functions

Module 2: Constructing Arrays and Objects with DataWeave

  • add components to and remove elements from arrays and objects
  • construct objects from lists of DataWeave expressions using object constructor curly braces { }
  • troubleshoot common issues when using object constructor curly braces { }
  • join data together using map operators

Module 3: Iteratively Transforming Data using Mapping Operators

  • transform elements of arrays and objects into a new array using the map operator
  • transform elements of objects into a new object using the mapObject operator
  • combine map and mapObject operators to transform complex schema

Module 4: Recursively Transforming Complex Schema

  • write recursive functions to transform complex schema
  • combine match and mapping operators to recursively transform every element of a complex schema

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